With each Masculino watch, you will receive a certificate of authenticity showing the date of purchase and a unique serial number. On the back of your Masculino you will find an unique serial number, a number beginning with MCH or MCL. If this number does not match the number on the certificate of authenticity, please contact us.

Each Masculino features sapphire glass. This is the clearest glass in the world. It is also an extremely strong material and therefore a “must have” for your watch.

Masculino’s gold watch is plated with 18k doublé.

All Masculino watches are equipped with a battery, with a lifespan of about 2 years. It is important not to leave a dead battery in the watch for too long because dead batteries can leak. When a battery leaks, acids are released, which can cause irreparable damage to a watch. You can have a battery replaced at a watch store.

Despite Masculino’s high quality standards, use of the watch may affect its resistance against water, so we cannot give a warranty for water damage. Each Masculino is resistant to 5 ATM (this is marked on each watch). You can see the resistance of a Masculino in the table below: