About Masculino

Our story

The story of Masculino begins with a passion for watches. Two brothers who share the same beliefs about changing the watch world. All the hours we had left over from work we put into researching the watch world. After the research we found out that only the more expensive segment offers feeling and luxury. At Masculino, feeling and luxury don’t have to be expensive. Our mission: "Creating luxury watches that are affordable."


Nowadays, Masculino is a company that excels in developing high quality watches that are made for passing on. For example, all the materials we use to manufacture the watch are carefully selected. In the appearance of our watches, the focus is on its timeless design. The design is tough with a classic twist and therefore suits every occasion.


We seek to reflect our passion and love for watches into the feeling that a Masculino carries. We are constantly striving for perfection. This is reflected in Masculino’s high quality standards, its timeless design and the right service.

Masculino Watch